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Preventative and Wellness Care

The goal of the Sawtooth Animal Center's Veterinarians and staff is to keep your pets happy and healthy for as long as possible. We offer a wide range of treatment options based on your pet’s specific needs. Comprehensive physical exams, all life stage vaccinations, internal and external parasite prevention, identification and treatment. Sawtooth Animal Center has in house and referral services for blood, urine and other laboratory testing. Our vaccination recommendations are based on thorough research and awareness of the dangers of “over vaccination”.

We offer cost effective puppy and kitten programs, which include the recommended series of species specific “core” vaccines and de-worming on a schedule to optimize the effectiveness of the treatments. Optional additional vaccines for specific needs are also available. Senior wellness programs are helping our older pets get the most out of life. Our Veterinarians will be happy to discuss options for your special pets and situations.


Dr. Mark Acker and Dr. Laurie Breedveld are accomplished surgeons. They enjoy doing soft tissue surgery and limited orthopedic surgery. In skilled hands, surgery is an excellent tool to repair wounds, remove tumors and treat conditions involving the mouth, stomach, intestine, liver, spleen and bladder. All surgical patients are screened prior to anesthesia using our in house diagnostic lab, digital x-rays and ultrasound when indicated. Pain management is a top priority, before, during and after surgery.

During surgery every patient is monitored by our staff using electronic equipment that allows us to maintain heart rates, oxygen levels and blood pressure.

If your pet needs surgery you can be confident that the Doctors and staff at Sawtooth Animal Center are well trained, equipped and caring, so that each case is as pain free as possible and has a positive outcome!

Dental Care

Bad breath is usually caused by dental disease, a very common condition in dogs and cats. Untreated, the bacteria and resulting infections can cause pain and tooth loss, and can spread to internal organs. Treatment includes cleaning and polishing with our ultrasonic equipment. Advanced dental techniques are available as needed. Our staff can advise you on home care and the many products available to promote dental health.

Euthanasia / Hospice

Hospice services include palliative care (pain control), nutritional support and treatments to improve quality of life when suffering from a terminal illness or accident. Saying goodbye to our animal friends is never easy. Our Doctors are here to help you with the decision. You and your pet will be treated with compassion and dignity. We offer cremation and house calls to help you deal with the loss of your pet.


Dr. Breedveld has a special interest in exotics and offers many services specifically for ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, birds and other exotic pets. Wellness exams, medical and surgical procedures, dentals, cosmetic care and nutritional and husbandry counseling are all available.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Acker and Dr. Breedveld are excellent diagnosticians and are well versed in the diseases of internal organs and body systems. Supported by physical examination, laboratory, radiology and ultrasound results as necessary, a treatment plan can be developed for many conditions affecting your pets.

Laboratory Facilities

Sawtooth Animal Center’s modern and well-equipped laboratory can provide results from blood, urine, fecal examines within 30 minutes. We also utilzize commerical labs for some diagnostic tests with results available within 24 hours. This computurized diagonstic equipment allows us to diagnose your pets problems quickly and start treatment.


Microchips are tiny electronic devices approximately the size of a grain of rice that are permanently implanted under your pet’s skin. The chip is implanted between the shoulder blades while you pet is awake, with no more pain than a vaccination. Each microchip has a unique number that can identify and help recover your pet if they get lost. We register your pet’s microchip with “Home Again” a company which has 24 hour national hotline.


Just like humans, pets are afflicted by cancer. Surgical procedures, chemotherapy and palliative care are available for our cancer patients. Quality of life issues are always a priority for any animal in our care.

Pain Management

Animals feel pain just like people. We have many treatments to alleviate your pet’s discomfort, from anti-inflammatory drugs, to special diets. Simple changes can often make a major difference in your pet’s comfort.


Our digital radiology (x-ray) equipment provides amazing quality and detail of bones and soft tissues. Sawtooth Animal Center has the ability to e-mail images to specialists around the country for consultation.

Canine Reproduction

One of the best things about Veterinary medicine and owning a dog is puppies! Dr. Mark Acker can assist you with all aspects of canine reproduction. Our services include reproductive soundness exams for both male and female dogs and pre-breeding hip and elbow certification. We can check the timing of ovulation, to ensure breeding occurs at the optimum time. Dr. Acker has had years of experience and success with the use of artificial insemination using fresh, chilled and the surgical implantation of frozen semen. We can also assist you with the collection, shipping and storage of frozen semen.


Ultrasound technology is a non-invasive imaging technique used to examine internal organs in “real time”. This technology is used to evaluate organs for potential disease and is used to verify pregnancy and monitor fetal development.

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