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Senior Wellness Screening Package

As our animal friends age, it is extremely important to monitor body and organ functions. Just as it is recommended that we have yearly exams and blood work, it is equally important that we provide the same care for our pets. Many diseases that are caught in early stages can be managed or reversed.

Sawtooth Animal Center recognizes the need to have these screening tests done and are offering this combination of tests at a reduced fee for dogs and cats, beginning at seven years of age.

Costs if Purchased Individually

If the Senior Wellness Program was completed with each individual procedure, the costs would be as follows:

Comprehensive Exam$55.00
Complete Blood Count$47.85
Chemistry Profile$98.16
Radiograph X-Ray Study$147.76
 Blood Draw$12.00
Biohazard Disposal Fee$2.00


If purchased as the Senior Wellness Program, your cost is a savings of over $78.44:



Puppy/Kitten Wellness Program


Receiving a new member of our family is always exciting! As with human infants, our new four-legged children need initial vaccinations and booster vaccinations more frequently than adults. With this in mind, we have developed a vaccine program for your new companion’s first year. This program is designed to help ensure a good start toward a happy healthy life for your new friend and savings for you!

Puppy/Kitten Age Services
6 – 8 Weeks: Exam, Vaccinations, Fecal, Dewormer
9 – 11 Weeks: Exam, Vaccinations, Dewormer
12 – 14 Weeks: Exam, Vaccinations, Dewormer
4 – 6 Months: Exam, Rabies Vaccine

We offer this program to you for $125, a savings of over $100, if paid for upon the first visit!

*Our vaccines are given based on our geographic location. If you will be travelling with your pet, please discuss this with your veterinarian as additional vaccines may be warranted.

*After this initial program, wellness exams, booster vaccines and deworming are recommended annually.

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